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Georges Nicolaos

Georges Nicolaos
Hopital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild
Company's Position
Plenary: Healthcare Plenary: The importance of ONE barcode for healthcare products, Tuesday, 20 September at 13:00-13:50 CET

Georges is the Co-Head of Pharmacy Unit of the Hospital Fundation Adolphe de Rothschild (Head of Pharmacy Service: Dr Chloé Dupont) since January 2022. He was the head of the Pharmacy of the East Francilian Hospital Group (GHEF). Georges has been involved in the implementation of GS 1 standards for more than 15 years. The ultimate goal is the patient safety thanks the use GS1 standards. GS1 standards were used for the traceability of surgical implants and instruments. They also were used for the traceability of certain kind of drugs and the storage and distribution of drugs in a robot. The last application implemented is the GTIN verification of drugs used for the preparation of sterile nutrition mixture for preterm infants. In 2015, Georges was rewarded by the HPAC Provider Recognition award. He is now a member of the Healthcare Leadership Team and a member of the supervisory board of GS1 France.